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Private Delivery = Guaranteed

“Trustworthy Delivery Services”

The Private Courier Service Program is specifically designed to give the client a safe and secure method of delivering private/secret papers, documents, valuables etc., because he can not, with surety, put his trust in using registered mail service or any of the common courier carriers such as DHL, Federal Express, UPS and others.

This is a very special and personalized service that can provide you with a very trustworthy service company to make your private pickup of papers, documents and valuables and have the assurance that your instructions will be carried out fully and completely.

If you are located inside the 48 United States the pickup and delivery service is much easier than international deliveries.

Your papers, documents and valuables are placed in our special briefcase which is handcuffed to the wrist of the carrier. It is our required policy that the courier carrier examine and inspect the contents of what you wish transported to be sure nothing contained therein is illegal or suspicious business.

If you wish to provide your own briefcase for this service, you may do so. If you wish for our courier carrier to transport your briefcase (without) a key, this can be done however, it will be necessary for you and the courier carrier to go to the nearest customs office to have the contents certified not to be in violation of any State and Federal laws and regulations. A special seal can then be placed on the briefcase to insure the security of the briefcase has not been violated during the delivery process.

If the delivery is to be international, the above paragraph will also apply. The courier carrier is only a conduit for the delivery and is not involved in any way with the individual or company requesting this special delivery service.

Further, the courier carrier and the party requesting the service must sign a statement to the fact that the courier is only an outside courier and that he is not connected directly or indirectly with the party requesting the service.

And further that the courier carrier is not an owner, officer, director, employee or consultant to the party requesting the service.

More detailed information including fees for these services will be described in the Private Courier Service Program.

This is another door you can use to obtain your financial “freedom” and “independence”. Study this program now and learn how these benefits will work for you.
Knowledge = Power !!
Use it – or lose it

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Product Name: Private Courier Service Program
Item Number: 46-PCS
Price: $16.oo USD


Private Courier Service

The Benefits
Personalized service
Trustworthy and
reliable service
Guaranteed immediate
Your documents,
letters and valuables
will be guarded 24
Pick up and delivery of
letters, documents and
valuables within 24
Special briefcases used
for added protection
Briefcases of the client
used if requested
Briefcases are secured
to the personal carrier
by handcuffs
Your mail and personal
matters are outside
the jurisdiction of your
Immigration and
Custom officials to
approve contents for
transportation between
states and countries
Engagement contract
and agreement signed by the client and the service provided
This is just another
stepping stone to the
road to complete
Your assets should
always belong to you,
not your government

protection for the
of your

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